Hanukkah Message Sunday December 01, 2013 11:00 AM EST

On Sunday, December 1, 2013
at 11:00 a.m.
Bethel Assembly of God will be having guest speaker:
Amer Olson from Jews for Jesus sharing the “Hanukkah Message”

Amer Olson


Amer Olson grew up in Minneapolis celebrating Hanukkah and Passover as well as Christmas and Easter – he has a Jewish mother (from the “Old Country” of Brooklyn) and a Gentile father. Amer moved to Philadelphia to study at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. As a result of spending time with his Jewish family on the East Coast, Amer began to explore his own Jewish heritage. But while visiting synagogues and learning Hebrew, he also encountered some Jewish believers in Jesus and realized that not only was Jesus Jewish, but the most Jewish thing he could do was to put his trust in the Messiah of Israel. From the moment he gave his heart to Jesus, Amer immediately felt the burden to share Y’shua with his Jewish people.

Amer has a passion for using his artistic talents in evangelism, visually and musically. His ministry with Jews for Jesus began as leader of the evangelistic music team The Liberated Wailing Wall. After this, Amer met his wife Paige, also an artist. Together they joined the missionary staff of Jews for Jesus in January 2000. They have served in our branches in New York City and London – where Amer earned a BA (Hons) in Biblical and Intercultural Studies at All Nations Christian College – and then Chicago where he led the branch for several years. With their four children, they returned to New York City last year, where Amer helps lead the work and is currently helping to train in new missionaries with Jews for Jesus.

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