Bethel Logo

The vision for ministry at Bethel flows from 2 Corinthians 5:17-20. This central theme of reconciliation fuels Bethel’s ministries and provides focus for the church. Since God placed the church in this community, he has chosen it to be an instrument for reconciliation. Furthermore, as members of the community, we have a stake in its growth and welfare.

The theme of our ministry is “Building Bridges of Blessing.” We care about our neighbors and want to do our part to see them reconciled to the Father. Since Jesus made a costly sacrifice to provide the way for people to have a personal relationship with God, we want to help bring about that reconciliation. We endeavor to do this by way of building relational bridges through our interaction with the community. We attempt to meet needs and serve the communities through our ministries, in keeping with this congregation’s character and strengths. Through this relational bridge, we create the means by which we can present the gospel and bring people into fellowship with God.

The ministry structure at Bethel finds a basis, in part, in the Church Life model by Drs. Wayne & Sherry Lee (Church Life Resources, LLC). This recognizes the vital life functions necessary for the health of the church. The church has adapted these functions to fit its own model as depicted in the church’s logo. To the people of Bethel, this logo holds great significance. It regularly reminds us of our priorities and calling as the body of Christ.

Leadership, as depicted by the steeple, provides the vision and direction for the church. This gives the cross of Christ a rightfully exalted place and shows the gospel as a central priority, lifting it high for all to see. At the same time, Management (depicted by the roof) provides a covering for our people by providing decision making in the fear of God and sound stewardship of finances and facilities.

Worship Services (blue figure) place a focus on the importance of Spiritual Life, Preaching and Teaching, and Worship in the body of Christ. Spiritual Community (red figure) give attention to the necessary functions of Assimilation, Care and Fellowship and the support of Small Groups. These figures are reaching up to God in worship, and they represent a commitment to the Great Commandment (Mark 12:29-31).

Ministries (purple figure) places attention on the various means by which the church serves it people and the Discipleship function provided through those activities. Outreach, on the other hand, refers to engaging the community through Public Relations and active involvement in Evangelism and Missions. Note that these figures are reaching out. Together, they represent a commitment to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-19).

Together, all of these functions represent the strength of our body through Unity (as demonstrated by their joined hands). Because each is a different color, they also represent our Diversity as a multicultural congregation. Their partnership creates a Synergy by which the ministry advances the kingdom of God.

Finally, the Dove is in the middle of it all, which represents the power of the Holy Spirit in our midst. This speaks of the priority of our Pentecostal Distinctive as an Assemblies of God church.

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