Engage Online Giving

Pay Your Tithes & Offerings Online!

Give Online

Besides placing your cash or check into the offering plate on Sunday, we offer convenient online giving through Engage. 

If you want to give anonymously, just go to https://engage.suran.com/bethel/ and click on the “CREATE A GIFT” button.

If you want to set up an Engage account (for easier, faster giving and to keep a record of your giving):

1.     Register your email address with our treasurer by sending an email to treasurer@bethelnewark.org If you have never donated to Bethel before, please be sure to include your name, address, and phone number. You will receive a confirming email from the treasurer within the next 48 hours. Then proceed to Step 2.

2.     From your browser, go to https://engage.suran.com/bethel/ and click on the “Create account” link.

3.     Enter your registered email address and click the REGISTER button.

4.     Confirm that your email is properly linked by clicking on your name.

5.     Follow the remaining instructions to set up your bank account or debit/credit card as the source of your donation. (NOTE: Engage saves your financial information securely. Bethel Church does not record or save financial information.)

Once you have set up your Engage account, you can make one-time donations or set up convenient recurring donations at regular intervals (weekly, semi-monthly, month, etc.). Just go to https://engage.suran.com/bethel/ and click on the “SIGN IN” button to begin making donations the fast and convenient way.

NEW!! You can now make donations by text message from your smartphone! Text Giving is even faster and easier for making a one-time donation than using Engage from a browser. Text Giving is especially useful if you want to make a quick donation during the Sunday service to support, say, a missionary or a special need for one of the church’s ministries. To register your smartphone for Text Giving, text GIVE to 973-288-9771. (HINT: Store this number in your contacts list as “Bethel Text Giving” so that you don’t have to memorize it.) You will be directed to the Engage Log In page. When you log in, your smartphone will be linked to your Engage account. Then log out of Engage.

Thereafter, to donate, just follow these 3 simple steps:

1.     Send a text a command to 973-288-9771 with the name of the Giving Fund (see list below) and the dollar amount. (For example, text PLEDGE 100 to donate $100.00 to the Missions fund.)

2.     Reply YES

3.     You’re done!

Here are the easy-to-remember Giving Fund codes to use with Text Giving:

TITHES for Tithes

PLEDGE for Missions Pledge

MISSIONS for Missions

CARING for Caring

YOUNG for Young Adults

YOUTH for Youth

SS for Sunday School

GENERAL for General Offerings

SPECIAL for Special Offering

For other giving funds (such as Women’s or Men’s ministries), or to give to multiple funds, or to give specific instructions concerning a Special Offering, please continue to use the Engage web page at https://engage.suran.com/bethel.

As a congregation, we believe that the tithe is holy and sacred and belongs to God. God provided the tithe for the upkeep and maintenance of the church and those who minister to the congregation. We encourage all who worship at Bethel Church to be obedient to God by bringing the first fruits of their increase, that is, the first 10% of their gross income, into the church. (Members of Bethel Assembly of God are required to bring their full tithe into the church as a condition of their continued membership.) Donations to the different ministries of Bethel Church or to outside ministries are additional offerings and not part of the tithe.

We thank you for being obedient to God by supporting your church with your tithes and for your generous offerings above and beyond your tithes in support of the many ministries of Bethel Church, which bless and support your community.