Engage (Online Giving)


We have an exciting new way for you to pay your tithes and offerings and support the ministries of Bethel Church.  It’s called Engage Online Giving and it works on all of your devices. It’s safe and secure and much easier to use than our old online giving web page (which you can still use, if you prefer).

But the new Engage system also allows you to:

  • schedule a future gift date
  • schedule recurring gifts (for example, to pay your Missions pledge every month or to automatically pay your tithes when you get your semi-monthly pay check)
  • see your giving history for the last year or more
  • see all future scheduled giving
  • store your contact information and one or more bank or credit card information so that you don’t have to enter this information every time you make a gift

We encourage you to try Engage for your next donation.  If you need help, please see David Cincotta at church or write to him at dcincotta@bethelnewark.org.

Thank you for your faithful giving to the ministries of Bethel Church.

Best regards,


How to Set Up an Account for Engage Online Giving

  1.  If it’s not already in our database, send your personal email address to dcincotta@bethelnewark. Your address will be added into the church database and you will receive an email confirming that you are ready to register to use Engage.
  2.  On your laptop or mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.), navigate to engage.suran.com/bethel or scan the QR code below. (For faster access next time, add an icon to your home page or scan the QR code.)
  3.  Click on “Create a New Account”.
  4.  Enter your personal email. Click on “Register.”
  5.  Enter a username. Click on “Create User.”
  6.  Engage will send an email to you to establish/re-set your password.
  7.  Enter your new password twice. Click on “Submit”.
  8.  In a few moments, Engage will take you directly to the login page.
  9.  Enter your username and password. Click on “Sign In.”
  10. In the upper right corner, click the menu icon and select “Giving.”  Then click on the menu icon again and select “Accounts.”
  11. Select “credit card” or “bank.”  Enter your bank or debit/credit card account information and click “Save.”  (You can store multiple accounts.)

How to Make a Contribution to Bethel Church Ministries (in less than a minute!)

  1.  Click on the Engage icon or navigate in your browser to engage.suran.com/bethel or scan the QR code below.
  2.  Enter your username and password. Click on “Sign In.”
  3.  In the upper right corner, click the menu icon and select “Giving.”
  4.  Enter the amounts you wish to donate to any of the listed ministries or give to a special need (at the bottom of the list). Select the date of your gift.  Select “Once” or one of the recurring gift choices (such as “Monthly.”)  Click “Continue.”
  5.  Select your stored method of payment (or click on “Add a New Account”). Click “Continue”.
  6.  Review your gift and payment. Enter any special instructions for your gift.
  7.  Click “Submit Gift.”
  8.  A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to submit. Click “Submit.”
  9.  Your receipt will appear on the screen, which you may print out for your records.
  10. You’re done!  That was easy!

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